Horos User Guide

A comprehensive manual for using the Horos medical image viewer

The Horos User Guide provides detailed instructions for each command, pull down menu and function in Horos. With almost 300 pages of instructions and screen diagrams, the manual is organized into logical sections enabling quick and easy consult. It also includes a detailed index section so you can easily look up any function or topic.

This product is available as a PDF download, licensed annually. Any revision or update we release, you will receive for free as long as your license is current. We aim to continue improving our instruction, as well as including instructions for new functions as they launch. 

The Horos User Guide is the perfect complement to Horos Academy.  While the User Guide is a great tool for a quick lookup, Horos Academy provides a visual tutorial covering the Horos basics. We offer a discounted bundle when you purchase both (see below).

Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed suggestions for this project. We hope you will enjoy the Guide and that it will make your use of Horos even more productive!

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 Horos User Guide - A complete manual and easy reference tool for using Horos 

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Horos Experts
Horos Experts

Contributing Authors: Dr. Naomi Booth and Dr. James Ryan